Muscle Fast Weight Loss

Muscle  Fast Weight Loss

Pull Up Bar Training Routine The pull up bar is a conventional muscle training tool, and many fitness experts have used it successfully to build up muscle, or to improve their overall strength. You can use the pull up bar to train your upper body strength. Here is how you can start a pull up bar training program.

The first thing you need to do, is to decide whether you want your palms to face inwards, or away from you. When you attempt to do pull ups with your palms facing inwards, you are working more on your biceps. If your palms face away from you, you are using more muscles in several muscle groups - your chest, your shoulder, and your Teres muscle.

Next, you will need to decide on the intensity of the pull up program. The more intense the routine, the shorter the amount of rest time, and the greater the number of repetitions in each set.

Usually, a routine consists of three sets. In each set, depending on your requirements, you will be conducting a series of pull ups. For example, you can try attempt like 12 in set one, 8 in set 2, and four in set three. So how do you know how many chin ups to do in a single set? To work out the number of repetitions, try to do just one set of pull ups until you can’t pull yourself up anymore. How many did you do? If you did 10 pull ups, you can start with 8 to 10 pull ups for your first set. If you do just four pull ups, you can start with three to four for your first set.

After each set, give yourself some time to recover. The recovery time is needed for the blood to transport oxygen to your muscles. If you shorten the recovery time, you increase the intensity of your work out. For instance, if you are training for power and strength, you can start your second set after just 30 seconds. But if you are training for endurance, you can rest for a minute before starting your next set.

The break time also depends on your level of fitness. In the beginning, you may need a full minute recovery before starting on the second set. Bit by bit, you may then reduce the recovery time to fifty seconds, then fourty seconds, and so on.

As your strength and fitness level gets higher, you can also try to do more repetitions per set, or you can try spreading your hands wider apart. You will discover that it’s much more difficult to complete one pull up with your palms further away from each other. This is because the position requires you to use more of your upper body strength instead of your arms. If you just starting out, just spread your arms across your shoulder width.

To further increase the intensity of a pull up workout, try attaching weights to your waist or limbs. Then try to repeat the same work out.

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