Mosquito bites.

Mosquito bites.

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Are you a big fan of the great outdoors? In my experience, most people I''ve met either love Mother Nature, or they pretty much can''t stand her. Which side do you fit on? For me, I have to say that I love the great outdoors. However, I am not like most nature nuts, who anxiously await summer so they can get outside and go hiking or rock climbing. No sir! I like that winter and fall seasons. I have no interest in taking two steps up a trail and inevitably being soaked in sweat. I

It''s miserable in my opinion. Not to mention all that horrific ''poison ivy'', that lurks about, just waiting to douse you with poisonous oil from its leaves. Oh, and did I mention the ''mosquito bites''?

Mosquitos bothersome little insects

Yeah, those are a royal pain in the butt as well. Anyone got any bug spray? If you enjoy hiking, mountain biking, camping, or any other outdoor activity, then you are probably familiar with mosquito bites. Yes indeed, those nasty, bothersome little insects that love to inject you with a mild venom are dense in the summer months. Again, this is why I prefer the fall and winter.Mosquitos area threat to your health.

Viruses Are the main concern in Mosquito bites.

You''d better believe that when you step outside after a good frost, there isn''t a mosquito in sight. In fact, I''ll bet you have trouble finding any bugs or insects. This is just the way I like it. I can frolic and stroll about as I please. I guess one of the main concerns with mosquito bites in particular these days is viruses. Malaria is an ever present threat from the saliva of Mosquitos.

West Nile Virus Is caught from Mosquitos.

Ever heard of the West Nile virus? Yeah, that pretty much says it all. This nasty sickness has been discovered all over the U.S. I can tell you right now that mosquito bites are not like they used to be. That irksome red bump that annoys you and encourages you to scratch is just the tip of the iceberg. Now you have to worry about the deadly virus that has no cure.

DEET Prevents Mosquito Bites.

Once you''ve acquired mosquito bites from an infected bug, you can only treat the symptoms. That''s the terrible thing about viruses. At least with Lyme infected ticks, you can kill the disease with an antibiotic. If you are concerned with mosquito bites and going outdoors, the absolute best thing you can do is keep all water out of your yard. Bird bathes and such will attract mosquitoes. Furthermore, always wear and effective bug spray. DEET is the key ingredient to preventing mosquito bites.

  • Abolish and eliminate the breeding water for the mosquito, without stagnant water they cannot breed and thrive! Deprive the mosquito of it''s breeding ground and you eliminate the species.