Four Seasons: Stark Parks hiking module wins state Award of Excellence

Four Seasons: Stark Parks hiking module wins state Award of Excellence

Friends of Stark Parks won a second place in a health and aptness difficulty of a Ohio Parks and Recreation Association’s 2012 Awards of Excellence.

The endowment was given for a Friends’ Hike-A-Hundred program.

According to a Stark Parks website, a walking module provides an inducement to residents to walk, showcases Stark Parks’ trails and parks, creates “a corps of accessible walkers to offer as unaccepted ambassadors for a park district,” and provides amicable communication among walkers.

“The walking bar concept, supplemented with awards, surpassed expectations,” pronounced a website. “Members chose a 10,000-mile bar idea for 2012 and surpassed it. Fifty members began a module in January, and by a finish of September, there were 196 members. Attendance during 8 club-sponsored walks has sundry from 7 to some-more than 45, providing opportunities for walkers to make new friends who share their interests.”

Members walked a sum of 20,612 miles by Sept. 25. By that date, 109 members had reached a 50-mile goal, and 68 members had surpassed a 100-mile goal. Seven members walked some-more than 500 miles each. The tip hiker was a late lady who had walked 1,020 miles.

“One member has mislaid adequate weight to separate his cholesterol medicine and has usually 4 some-more pounds to remove before his alloy says he can stop holding it altogether!” pronounced a website. “Another member has hiked each mile with her dog; a dog has mislaid 15 (pounds) and a member has mislaid weight, too!”


Barberton Parks and Recreation Commission perceived $13,242 and Akron Power Squadron got $19,635 from supports distributed to boating reserve preparation programs by Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of

In all, a state’s Waterways Safety Fund supposing some-more than $341,000 to support 27 village boating reserve preparation programs. Grants ranged from $2,329 to $29,999.

Money for a account comes from a share of a state engine fuel tax, watercraft registration and titling fees, and appropriation from a United States Coast Guard.


Hilltop Hikers bar has scheduled a following hikes:

Saturday — 10 a.m. Mahoning Valley Trail in Alliance, 5 miles.

Sunday — 2 p.m., Me and My Dog Hike during Quail Hollow State Park, 5 miles.

Wednesday — 10 a.m., Hoover Community Recreation Complex, adult to 5 miles.

Wednesday — 6 p.m., Massillon walking track, adult to 3 laps.


As of Oct. 13, Bob Doerschuk was heading a Stark County Bicycle Club’s mileage statistics with 9,035 miles ridden. He was followed by Al Jones with 7,807, Margie Baker with 7.254, Peg Stoner with 7,187, and Bob Mishler with 6,982.

In all, some-more than 250 bar members had ridden 275,753 miles on 1,175 rides.


The Wilderness Center’s Making Tracks Family Nature Club will go for a brief travel and demeanour for signs of deer from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday.

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