Control the Mind Using Hypnosis - The Ultimate in Self-Help

Control the Mind Using Hypnosis - The Ultimate in Self-Help

To control the mind using hypnosis is something many self-help gurus advocate, even if they don’t know it. That’s right, they may not know it but their teachings are very similar to what self-hypnosis is all about. Self-help authors and teachers use the same basic principles that are taught when learning how to control the mind using hypnosis.

Control The Mind Using Hypnosis - Self-Help In Another Form?

Self hypnosis is self-help. Most people who advocate self-help material don’t come out and say “control the mind using hypnosis!” but that’s because it’s usually not their field. These people are not necessarily against self-hypnosis. It’s just not their method when helping people, at least that’s what many believe.

Yet many self-help books are all filled with the following:

* relaxation techniques
* mental purging
* visualization concepts
* positive thinking
* even positive confession

What’s interesting is that all these are strikingly similar to the language of self-hypnosis. So much so that we think every self-help book should have at least a section on how to learn to control the mind using hypnosis!

Control The Mind Using Hypnosis - What’s The Difference?

The difference is how some self-help material is presented. Usually, self-help books go, “You can take control of your situation by focusing your mind on the positive by choosing to block out the negative” or something like that. That’s basically the essence of self-help literature. It’s also what you do when you control the mind using hypnosis. You block out the negative thoughts and pressing concerns of the day to focus on positive thoughts that will lead you to betterment. It’s really the same thing!

Control The Mind Using Hypnosis - Typical Objections

A lot of people will often point out that hypnosis is giving up control of yourself, and that’s not a good idea. It’s better to just read self-help literature instead of pursuing trances. That’s just plain silly. Self-help books actually encourage you to pursue self-hypnosis. Whenever a book tells you to close your eyes, relax, and think of a better place, or something to that effect, that’s self-hypnosis! You are telling your mind to let go of the humdrum of life and embrace an alternative setting where you are soothed and liberated from your daily frustrations.

Granted, to control the mind using hypnosis usually involves material like prerecorded CDs that contain hypnosis scripts to aid your mind in focusing on your goals. But the self-help principles are the same.

And if you still prefer to think that reading a book is better than to control your mind using hypnosis, think of all the times you’ve been reading only to realize you’ve gone through a few pages but you can’t remember a word of what you’ve just read. That’s self-hypnosis! Your mind was distracted by other thoughts yet you continued to function, you continued to read. You were in a short trance, focused on something else.

Control The Mind Using Hypnosis - The Bottom Line

The point of this article is to let you realize that if self-hypnosis is just self-help in another form, why not try it? Instead of being on the periphery of self-hypnosis, content in reading books and pursuing simple relaxation and visualization techniques, why not get a real self-hypnosis CD and try a session, fully immersing yourself in the self-hypnosis experience?

It works for others. It can work for you. You’ve nothing to lose in learning how to control the mind using hypnosis.