Coffee, our universal morning drink every

Coffee, our universal morning drink every

Coffee, our universal morning drink every morning gives the energy needed to start the day. All we need is a cupful then we are ready to go for work or school. Furthermore, coffee has a lot benefits too. It is a primary source of antioxidants which keeps our cells healthy. However, do you know that there is one kind of coffee that can help us lose weight?

Chicory Coffee or also known as blue sailors succory, cornflower or endives had been popular since the Ancient Roman Empire. In fact, the earliest written account attributed to Horace, one of the Classical Roman Poet. He described his diet as “Me pascunt olivae, me cichorea, me "malvae” which literally means “mine is olives, endives and mallows that provided sustenance.” Horace was able to achieve a body suited for military work because of this diet, which were revealed by some anecdotes. This was probably one of the reasons why he was able to become a soldier after the fall of Julius Caesar.

Setting aside the above story, we must examine what Chicory contains that makes it an ideal for our weight loss menu. First, this plant is rich in volatile oils especially its roots. When consumed in right proportions, it can burn out fats and even eliminate parasites and other microorganisms. Second, it contains insulin, a hormone that regulates carbohydrates and fats. Furthermore, this hormone prevents using fat as the source of energy by inhibiting glucagon. (It is a hormone that raise blood glucose levels.) Third, caffeine is absent in this coffee. The energy it gives comes from its aromatic oils and smell.

Below is the nutritional value of chicory per 100 grams:

  • Vitamin A 114%,
  • Calcium 10%,
  • Vitamin C 40%,
  • Iron 5%,
  • Saturated Fat 0%,
  • Carbohydrates 2%,
  • Sodium 2%, and
  • Fiber 16%.