2013 October Health Lifestyles 4u

2013  October  Health Lifestyles 4u


Concerns raised about security of health website

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defending President Barack Obamas much-maligned health care overhaul n Congress, h top health official w confronted Wednesday wth a government memo raising nw security concerns аbt th tr-prone website tht consumers r using t enroll. Seniors/Aging News Headlines Yahoo! News

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Weight loss not always beneficial for romantic relationships

Losing weight beneficial fr human health, bt whn one partner n a romantic relationship loses weight, t doesn’t permanently h a positive look n th relationship. According t nw research, thr n b a “rk side” t weight loss іf both partners r nt n board wth enacting healthy changes. WEIGHT LOSS Yahoo [...]

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How Amazons New High-End Beauty Shop Takes Away a Luxury

SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) Amazon h launched a luxury beauty store offering thousands οf high-n products including makeup, skin care n hair care frm brands such NARS, Dr. Brandt, Jack Black n Deborah Lippmann. "W know tht r beauty customers r searching fr luxury brands n Amazon. Wve worked hard t mk a single [...]

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PLEASE CLICK 720P TO WATCH IN HD*** NHS post n healthy eating- http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Goodfood/Pages/eight-tips-healthy-eating.aspx Romwe first Flash

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Reasons to give up diet soda

Whn taken t face value, diet soda seems k a health-conscious h. It saves th 140-plus calories d find n a sugary soft drink wh still satisfying r urge fr something sweet wth reproduction sweeteners k aspartame, saccharin, n sucralose. diet Yahoo News Search Results

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Movember Announces Milestone Tenth Moustache Season With a Clean Shave

Movember 2013 h arrived n th moustache back t occupy th faces &#