The dangers of using laxatives for weight loss

The dangers of using laxatives for weight loss

A popular weight loss, take the form of tea, which is a supplement available on the market today. Slimming tea shops around the world, tea and food, in fact, all of which are the are the same for sale. Allow the potential damage that you have not seen what can actually occur.

One effect of tea drinking diet is often defecate. This gives you the feeling to cleanse the body of the people. These people may get toxins in your body is not exactly slimming tea, just not in the body is not real. Suriminguti a natural laxative contains herbs. The aloe, senna, rhubarb root, cascara, buckthorn, castor oil contains. These products have been used since ancient times with the power to cause bowel movements derived from plants and treatment of constipation.

Cass, castor oil, Senna, and still be recognized as laxatives available over the counter, there are substances which are regulated as drugs. Scientific studies, diarrhea due to laxatives, which shows that do not absorb significant amounts of calories taken into the body.

This is because the laxative will absorb most of the calories a bit intesines not act on it. Instead, work on the colon. If you shoot a very long time, can affect the absorption of fat in the body. This can lead to loss of diarrhea and weight of oil. Laxative abuse is a common approach among those who suffer from anorexia and bulimia.

Weight loss can be guaranteed by overdosing on laxatives, it is also gastrointesitinal and bone softening and weakening of the tube may be permanent damage to the state, known as osteomalacia. As is axpensive, sold in the market lean flavor tea drinkers than other laxatives, can I really support the product. These eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia drinking diet tea slurry to produce a high-speed as other people have a loose consistency.

Women may be more affected by tea Slim. It may not have been known to directly affect the menstrual cycle and fertility of women drank, if they occur to shed weight quickly, you should be vigilant. This is also a pregnant woman shot in any kind of laxative is not safe. Recommends the use of Senna and other herbal products with laxative properties for pregnant women who are pregnant and trying to also reasonable and responsible herb.

An index of slimming teas in the market today could never misleading, should be wary about these findings. For example, most “natural bowel irrigation property, please fill out the specific words of the laxative qualities as” cleansing “Please do not use. Also, some of the terms of the label “low calorie” is used. These products in fact have virtually nothing to contain the calories and nutrients if it is sweetened naturally outside.

The effects of the abuse of laxatives in the form of slimming tea generally occurs at higher than recommended or taken. Are nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, fainting, rectal bleeding, electrolyte disorder and dehydration as well as, or worse injury, including death. Excessive use of stimulant laxatives, severe constipation and pain for a long time (decades long) have been reported in the colon can cause loss of function. Underwent surgery to remove it entirely and colon.