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Posts Tagged ‘burn fat fast’

3 tips for beginner runner and start to burn calories


Do you have an intention to lose weight? Already know that running can help us to lose weight but doesn’t have an idea how to start it? Okay, this article will share 3 tips to make running is a great exercise and then help you to lose weight even to tone muscles as well.

1. Set goals and plan

The most first step should be setting your goals and make a plan. You can simply set a goal likes running 3 times per week with 30 minutes per session. Then, set if the mission accomplished, try to make it a little bit harder likes increase the mileage. It’s vital to have goals since it’ll keep us motivated.

2. Prepare a logbook

Since you have goals and plan, it’s compulsory to have a logbook. Reflect any response and result on this logbook. It’ll useful when things don’t go as planned. Don’t panic and believe you can do it! Be more strong and confident!

3. Give a try on walk-run methods

Instead of having full running session, why don’t you include walk session in your run? Just include speed-walk in between of running should be okay to maintain the rate of heart pumping and muscle movements. Let’s try to have 2 minutes running and one minute walking.

At the end, please be sure to take care of your body limit. Everybody has his or her own limit. Don’t be too harsh when it comes beyond normal pain. You might cutting back the session and seek advice from physician.