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Jennifer Garner – Confirms Pregnancy ??? - Pregnancy Health

Jennifer Garner – Confirms Pregnancy ??? - Pregnancy Health

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Jennifer Garner has confirmed to Access Hollywood that she and hubby, Ben Affleck, are, indeed, expecting their second child together.

“Thank you,” Jennifer Garner told AH’s Tony Potts at the Baby Einstein’s 10th anniversary celebration on Wednesday, when he congratulated her. “We’re so excited, obviously.”

Jen had a little fun with the reporter before caving an admitting the truth, saying,

“Oh I’m not pregnant,” she joked. “I just had a lot of carbs for breakfast. It’s just — what do they call it? A breakfast pouch? Bunch?”

The actress said she’s been amused by the recent media speculation about her burgeoning bump. “It always makes me laugh when people say ‘Is she?’ ‘Isn’t she?’ It’s like eventually you will know, so just chill out for a minute,” she said.

No word on the sex of the baby, but if the new baby anything like that cute little Violet (who I just want to squeeze!), the Affleck-Garners are about to double their pleasure.

“It’s all good, it’s great,” Jen said. “I’m really excited.”

While it’s at the point that there’s no need for any confirmation, Jennifer Garner has finally made reference to and spoken about her and hubby Ben Affleck’s baby on-the-way.

According to USA Today reports, Jen was in attendance at an event celebrating the 10th anniversary of Baby Einstein products in L.A. earlier today (August 20).

When asked about any possible projects in the works, Jennifer Garner pointed to her tummy and said, “This.”

“We’re so excited, obviously,” she told Access Hollywood, continuing to joke about her swollen belly, saying: “Oh, I’m not pregnant. I just had a lot of carbs for breakfast. It’s just — what do they call it — a breakfast pouch?”

When asked about a due date, Jen drew the line – unwilling to offer anything more about her and Ben’s latest addition to the family.

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