We offer long term success!  We offer long term success! We offer long term success!

Tips for Maximizing Your Thermojetic Results

Within our weight loss program, the products we refer to as the Thermo line, consists of the primary fat-burning products such as:

- Thermo Green & Beige (Ephedra Free, Refresh or Original)

Here are some tips on how you can get the maximum results from these products.

For maximum results, take all three fat burning products and do so consistently. We have found that 10 days of consistency makes an enormous difference in the results you'll be able to see on the scale as well as in the inches. You don't have to do it forever, but if you can truly be consistent and not cheat for ten days, your body will go into the thermogenesis mode of fat burning and you'll actually feel like the weight is coming off like water.

Note: Everyone is different and if you're a chronic dieter, on several prescriptions, smoke or drink alcohol regularly, your results may take longer. Just be patient, it will work for you and you'll feel better than you have in a very long time.

Water, water, water -- it truly makes a difference. The recommended amount of water for your ideal weight loss is divide your weight in half and that's how many ounces of water you'll want to drink for maximum results.

e.g. You weigh 200 lbs ÷ 2 = 100 ounces of water/day

Note: If you are only accustom to drinking 15 ounces a day, simply work your way up to 100. Please do not do it over night, you'll be uncomfortable. I recommend you get a water bottle that holds 30 ounces. Fill it up in the morning and just make sure you drink 3 of those through out the day and evening. The water in your Herbal Concentrate counts, but soda and fruit juices do not count.The fat will be converted to water in your body and you need to flush it out of your system in order to get maximum weight loss and inch loss results. The only way to do so is by drinking water. Otherwise it stays in your body along with all the other toxins the herbs are flushing out which can cause headaches and easy plateauing.

Make sure you are eating 3 meals a day. Don't skip meals. A shake counts as one meal. Even if you think you might be eating out later, have your shake. It will prevent you from overeating, plus it has fat-burning ingredients that will continue to help you lose weight and the protein and nutrients it contains will keep you feeling good and healthy.

We recommend you have your shake at breakfast and dinner, for maximum weight loss. This way, if you are having your meal at lunch time, you'll have all afternoon and evening to burn it off.

If for personal reasons, you need to have your shakes back to back, at breakfast and lunch, please accompany your lunch time shake with a fresh salad. (Don't go overboard with this- be sensible- no sour cream, guacamole, cheese and eggs)

Your shakes will stay with you longer if you add the Performance Protein Powder in with your regular Formula #1. Also if you make them with a rice milk or soy milk, which you can get in the grocery store, usually on the aisle with the diabetic, diet foods, you'll notice you stay fuller, longer. (It's a fantastic way to mix your shakes. It tastes great especially when you use the recipes we offer, plus it's an ideal substitute for milk, which many people have a hard time digesting.)

Decrease your fat and intake and cut back on breads, pasta, and rice. Anything that's made with white sugar, and / or white flour will slow your weight loss down because your body does not use these up immediately. They are converted to fat almost instantly. For more suggestions in this area, see our Ideal Calorie Guide, Ideal Fat Gram Guide and our Eating Guide.

Dairy products tend to slow down weight loss. Go easy with milk, cheese, yogurt, etc...

Frequently when people get started on the weight loss program, they get motivated and commonly use this time to dispose of old unhealthy habits (like smoking, soda drinking, caffeine, etc...). This can cause your body to go through withdrawals, which sometimes are unpleasant. There will be plenty of available time in the near future to rid yourself of these habits. We ask that you take the products consistently for at least 10 days before you begin cleansing yourself of these old ways. We want to make sure that we have the available time, when you get started, to modify your program in order for it to best suit your needs- allowing you a comfortable amount of energy, appetite control and an overall sense of well-being. If you start with our program and cut-back or quit old habits, we find that we have a hard time distinguishing between what the products are doing and what you're experiencing due to ceasing an old practice.

To enhance your body's absorption rate and hence get faster results, use Formula #3-Cell Activator, 21 Day Herbal Cleansing Program, Herbal Aloe Vera Drink and/or the Flora Fiber.

If you experience a headache, it is most likely due to one of these factors:

not enough protein in your shake

not enough water to cleanse your body of the toxicity

or simply your body's reaction to a change in your regular diet

Whatever the cause, experiment with one of the above solutions and it will pass as quickly as it came.

If you are not seeing a weight loss between 2-5 pounds a week with regular inch loss, please make contact with your representative so they can get you back rolling again.

Finding Your Magic Number with the Green & Beige:

The balance between the amount of Green and Beige tablets can vary with everyone. What makes one person feel great, appetite under control and full of energy; can leave another person feeling hungry and too energized. Here is the formula we follow in finding your Magic Number. (Keep in mind, the Refresh Green does not have the energy effects so that aspect of the formula will not pertain to you. )

We usually start everyone on Green and Beige; 2 times a day, either at breakfast and lunch or at 10am and 3pm, whichever works better for your schedule.

Making the most out of your Thermo Concentrate

This tea is unbelievable! It can make the difference between getting good results and getting fabulous results. Make sure you are using it like this:

When starting out, you'll want to determine the right amount for you. Start with 1/2 tsp. 3 times a day- at breakfast, lunch and 2-3 pm.

The key to the tea is to find a flavor you like and to drink it down within 5 to 10 minutes. This is not a sippin' tea.

You can mix it hot or cold. You can add Country Time Lemonade to it, a touch of orange juice to it, whatever you like to get it down fast.

If you need more energy and more appetite control- increase the amount.

If you have too much energy, decrease the amount.

Make the most of your Thermo Yellow

The Thermo Yellow's have a fantastic effect on cravings, snacking and grazing. If you are the kind of person who eats even though you're not hungry, you'll love the Yellow's. The yellow's also increase the resting metabolism, in the evenings and while you sleep. The Yellow's do not give you any energy, so they will never keep you up at night.

Start with taking thermojetics yellow in the evening.

If you find that you need more appetite & snacking control during the daytime - take yellow as recomended.

Remember: Alcohol, medications of any kind, dairy products, smoking, and even second hand smoke, can slow down your ability to absorb the Thermo fat burning products as well as other products, which can reduce their effectiveness. Be sure to let us know if you are a smoker and/or on any medications, so we may adequately adjust your program for you. If you smoke, you will want to look into using the Schizandra Plus and the RoseOx.

Exercise while taking Thermojetics will always increase weight loss, but it is not necessary in order to lose weight effectively .. Walking is terrific and it will speed up the process.

The people who contact us regularly with an update on their progress are usually the people experiencing the fastest results on their program. We cannot help or adjust your program if we do not know what is happening!

For even faster weight loss results look into our other weight loss products:

Put your body in the "mode" at meal time and get an extra boost of energy.

Put your body in the "mode" at meal time and get an extra boost of energy.

Put your body in the "mode" at night, while you sleep.

This creme knocks out those lumpy bumpy areas sometimes referred to as "Hail Damage". Use wherever you have unwanted inches.

Buff the areas you're going to use the Contouring Creme on for faster results.

Naturally aids the body in absorbing less fat and creating a satisfying feeling of fullness, while helping to keep your system regular.

Complete and balanced Nutrition. This line will maximize your weight loss results and it's key to keeping the weight off! (Made up of Formula's #1, #2 & #3)

Helps breakdown and digest protein so you feed your muscle while losing fat.

Highly effective herbal formulation that supports the body's ability to remove health-robbing toxins and maintain a properly functioning colon, which can dramatically effect your weight loss results. Helps you feel happier, healthier and more energized.

High-powered, delicious, protein-rich snack bar, loaded with important vitamins, minerals & essential nutrients which the body needs.

This amino acid and herbal tablet helps balance out your moods and keeps you feeling satisfied while losing weight. (1 component of the "Accelerator Pack")

This herbal chewing gum helps decrease between-meal hunger pangs, satisfies your desire to chew and gives you a little boost of energy. Great for after a meal, so you won't want dessert. (1 component of the "Accelerator Pack")

This product helps reduce your desire for carbohydrates. (1 component of the "Accelerator Pack")

Get an all natural lift to help improve your day. This tea or tablet is made from Guarana, which provides a tremendous lift, all day long.

This lactobacillus acidophilus and fiber tablet helps to maintain the necessary flora of the gastrointestinal tract, plus providing a natural cleansing effect on the intestinal tract.

Herbal Aloe Vera Drink -- Quart

This refreshing, pure beverage made from aloe vera, chamomile and other important vitamins and minerals helps soothe the digestive system and assist the natural self-cleansing action of the body.

Herbal Aloe Vera Drink -- Gallon

This refreshing, pure beverage made from aloe vera, chamomile and other important vitamins and minerals helps soothe the digestive system and assist the natural self-cleansing action of the body.

This concentrate contains the same ingredients as the Herbal Aloe Vera Drink, only it's concentrated making for more convenient travel. Just mix with water and enjoy the same soothing qualities as you would in the drink.

Protein is a key to healthy cell function, yet many of us do not get an adequate amount on a daily basis-add this non-flavored powder to drinks, shakes, soups and pasta sauces.

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