How To Choose The Right Gout Treatment

How To Choose The Right Gout Treatment

Looking for a gout treatment that works for you can be a little discouraging, especially knowing that there are no known cures. Usually when medically treated, the first medication prescribed is a NSAID, usually called Indomethacin.

In most cases, the gout patient is given high doses of this medication to jump start the elimination of the uric acid crystals. As the affected areas start to feel better because the uric acid crystals have dissolved, the dosage of the medication will gradually lessen.

Another popular medication used for gout is Colchinicine. This medication is used for severe attacks of arthritis that have been initiated by gout. This medication also helps prevent other acute attacks.

Colchinicine can be used a couple of different ways if you are planning on using this gout treatment medication. It can come as a daily dose, or in severe cases it can be given as a treatment over a couple of hours.

If you can’t take NSAIDs or Colchicines, there are also corticosteroids available. The same principle is used in this medication. The gout patient will normally start out with a higher dosage. Through time the dosage will decrease.

Allopurinol is another medication that could be prescribed to you. It is also known as Zyloprim. This will be more likely prescribed to patients with chronic gout. This medication may be helpful to the system because it drastically decreases uric acid retention.

Allopurinol is meant to be used as a preventative medication instead of during an attack.

Some other medications include Probenecid and ColBenecid. Probenecid is not meant to treat acute attacks, but to act as a preventative. ColBenecid contains Probenecid and Colchicines. This helps with acute attacks and may even help prevent ones that may come in the future.

When trying to decide on a gout treatment, you should first consult with your doctor and learn more about the options that are available to you.

It may be good for you to know that you do have some control over your gout. There are many lifestyle changes that you can incorporate that can help you enormously, in addition to medication.

Maintaining proper weight is one of the things that you can do for preventative measures. You can also reduce the amount of purine you have in your diet. Eliminating alcohol will also help because alcohol is a known irritant. Drinking plenty of water is also a great way to help flush out uric acid and other toxins.

You may want to talk about some of your lifestyles with your doctor to see what he/she suggests. Your doctor can give you some good recommendations to help you keep control of your gout. Your doctor can also discuss a gout treatment or plan that could help you.

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