Healthy Diet For Weight Loss - Metabolism Facts and MythsHealthy Diet For Weight Loss

Healthy Diet For Weight Loss - Metabolism Facts and MythsHealthy Diet For Weight Loss

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Metabolism Facts and MythsPublished January 14, 2011 By Emma Deangela

Countless methods are being discussed when it comes to speeding up the metabolism of the body and it is hard to tell which one is fact and which one is just a myth. Many people are hooked up in ways to speed up their metabolism because of its side effects to the body’s weight and one of it is the most liked result which is weight loss.

There are myths and facts about increasing the metabolism of one. And these things should be very well considered so that one is not misinformed. It’s good to take a look of the things that are myths and facts about metabolism.

Metabolism is said to be genetic. And this is a myth. Metabolism doesn’t work that way. The body has its own way of burning calories and it is different from one person to another even so when they have the same genetics like with our parents for instance. This is backed up by studies that some factors like age, body mass and composition and gender affects the process of metabolism of one. Metabolism is also affected by the food that we eat and activities that we do which is very much unique with every person.

One very common misconception is that metabolic activity of the body decreases as we enter old age. Old age has nothing to do with the way our body’s burn calories because metabolism is affected by the food that we consume and the tasks that we do on a daily basis. Even children and adults can have slow metabolism so old age is not the reason why a person have such low metabolic level. Living a healthy lifestyle like exercising, eating nutritious foods are what affects the metabolic activity of the body. So even if one is old for as long as this is practiced the metabolic level can still be increased.

Some people even when they eat a lot don’t get overweight unlike some people do and this is a fact because they have naturally high metabolic rate that even when they consume large amount of food that they don’t gain weight.

Foods with low carbohydrates reduces metabolism and this is a known fact. Carbohydrates are what the body burns in order to convert it into energy and when it is limited with the kind of food that we eat, then the body’s metabolic activity decreases. This is done in order to save the energy that is left in the body to be used for the next task.

Spicy foods are also said to help speed up the metabolism of the body, this is a fact. Although the increase in metabolic rate should not be dependent on consuming these foods other foods can also have this effect in the body like green tea for example, this can also be another alternative that gives the same effect as spicy foods.

Much information on the facts and myths can be read in so many articles and in the internet as well and one must be perfectly informed so that they are not misguided and ill-advised as to the information about speeding up one’s metabolism especially as it deals with the health and wellness of a person’s body.

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