For Clinically Proven Weight Loss

For Clinically Proven Weight Loss

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Weight Loss World have researched to market to discover which weight loss pils, tablets and supplements actually lay claim to their hype and are safe and free from harmful side effects.

There are so many companies that offer herbal diet pills along with ridiculous claims concerning the amount of weight loss you can achieve by taking their pills. During our extensive research in the weight loss industry we have discovered that most of the claims made by these manufacturers and retailers of weight loss products are not backed up by valid clinical and scientific studies.

After our extensive research we believe that Proactol™ is far superior to the many cheap imitations that flaunt the market today, and it has been clinically tested to prove its success in the following areas:

  • For weight management
  • To help reduce excess body weight
  • Reduce calorie intake from dietary fats
  • Helps to suppress your appetite
  • To help reduce blood cholesterol

Brand new to the open market Proactol™ is clinically proven medical device product for the treatment of obesity and it’s safety and its safety and efficacy have been assessed under the medical device directive MDD 93/42/EEC.

In clinical trials, Proactol™ has been proven to remove over 27% of undigested fats, which means up to 150 calories from each meal. Proactol™ is in a tablet form, you take it straight after a meal. It works by binding with dietary fats to form a new fat-fibre complex that is too large to be absorbed in the small intestine and the fat is therefore eliminated naturally through your body.

Proactol™ also offers its customers free access to an online health, fitness and weight loss program called, which encourages you to take a healthy approach to weight loss. features include weight loss and fitness tips, reviews of the most common diets, training and exercise program, exercise demonstration videos and access to a large fitness and weight loss forum.

Proactol™ has created a buzz of excitement between top health professionals around the world and it has been endorsed by a number of them including Dr. Adam Carey the world famous fitness and nutrition expert and resident nutritionist and co presenter, for all three series of Celebrity Fit Club. He is also the co-presenter for Sky Ones program Change the Day you Die.

Dr. Adam Carey, leading nutritionist and nutritional adviser to both the England rugby and cricket teams said, “Being overweight has a huge impact on our health, yet levels of obesity continue to escalate and we are failing to do anything about it. This new treatment, called Proactol™, could provide a kick start for those who find it hard take control of their weight.”

At Weight Loss World we recognize that for many people it is very hard to take the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle. That is why we recommend Proactol™. By taking over 27% of dietary fat out of your diet Proactol™ can provide the initial support that you need to help you lose weight and regain your natural confidence.

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