There has been a lot of

There has been a lot of

There has been a lot of money, resources, and time spent on studying the effects of green tea on weight loss. Over the last decade over 1000 such studies have emerged. Most likely the diet industry has funded these studies, as the more research they have to back up their claims that green tea can promote safe and effective weight loss, the more credibility their claims receive. The evidence gleaned from all these studies have been remarkably favorable for the weight loss community. So, evidently, whether you drink your green tea, take it in a capsule, or drink concentrations of the tea extract, you may also experience weight loss.

The ingredients in Mega T Weight Loss Drink Mix with Green Tea

  • Green tea (and other teas like white tea, black tea, and Oolong tea). As mentioned, green tea can promote weight loss. The research has also shown it can help suppress appetite and reduce cravings. With 600 mg supplied by this product in one scoop, that is more than enough to do its job. Most studies were conducted using 240-300 mg of green tea.
  • Chromium: Chromium is a star in the weight loss world as an ingredient that can help lower blood sugar, suppress appetite, and control cravings. Many studies have also been conducted in the diabetic community, as the blood sugar lowering effect may influence the amount of insulin secreted. Type 2 Diabetics may have enough insulin, but that insulin is not helping to shuttle glucose into the cells. With lower blood sugar, there is less work for the insulin.
  • Caffeine: This drink mix only contains 50mg of caffeine, which is about what your typical cola offers. While this may give some people a small energy boost, most people acclimated to stimulants may not even notice it at all. Whether you feel greater energy or not, a little extra caffeine does lead to a thermogenic burn. A few extra calories burned, and a little extra effort in the gym, may be gained from taking extra caffeine.


  • Safe for weight loss, and the ingredients have been thoroughly tested.
  • Encourages a program of eating less and exercises more for ‘sustained weight loss’.
  • Only 16 calories


  • Artificial sweetener, aspartame. This sweetener has gotten some bad reviews, and its best to just stay away from artificial ingredients in favor of natural ones.
  • Some people don’t like to drink their supplements.


Green tea is a safe way to encourage weight loss. When combined with a good diet and exercise, a product like this may help you jump start your weight loss efforts, where before it may have been difficult. This product is available in peach flavor for a reasonable price at most major drug stores. It retails for about 7.99 for 30 packets. While standard green tea may be cheaper, the extra benefit of the chromium and extra caffeine may put the two at a pretty competitive price analysis. It would be easy to pick up a container just to give it a try.

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